2022 France Vacation

Eiffel Tower
Photo from our 2018 visit to Paris

Vacation time is almost here! For those that don’t know, we’re leaving this Friday, April 1 for 9 days in France! The last time we were in France was back in 2018. The 2018 trip was very compressed as we visited Paris, Milan, and Amsterdam on that trip. This time, we’re going to be spending the whole 9 days in France, and we’ll have an opportunity to explore more and savor all of the food and culture.

So why France? Well, Raphael loves everything French. Also, with COVID we did not want to complicate things by trying to visit multiple countries (it’s hard enough knowing the COVID protocols for one country). On our last trip to France, we managed to see a lot in the three or four days that were were there, but because Raphael prioritized sightseeing, we didn’t really get the experience the food or have the time to really just take everything in.

So here’s a rundown of our trip:

Days 1-5: Paris

So far, we don’t have a lot planned (other than some nice dinners), and that is by design. We visited all the sights that most people see on our last trip. This trip will be more wandering and exploring.

Days 6-9: Chamonix

For the remainder of our trip, we decided to explore the French Alps and Mont Blanc. Raphael let me choose which region to visit outside of Paris, and I chose the mountains. Ever since our first trip to Europe when we visited Austria, we’ve been amazed at the beauty of the Alps.

To get there, we will take the TGV from Paris to Lyon, where we’ll rent a car and drive about 2.5 hours from there to Chamonix, which is in the valley beneath Mont Blanc.

Looking forward

I’m going to try and blog every day about our adventures for that day, so keep checking back here!