What are we doing here?

Ronnie here. After our last vacation to Greece, Raphael and I were talking about how I’ve been journaling for awhile about our vacation experiences. Up to this point, the journal has just been a way to preserve the memories of our travels. Raphael asked me why I haven’t published anything publicly about our travels. He also reminded me that I’m a good writer (and I actually enjoy the creative process), so that gave me the motivation to register and here we are!

What can you look forward to?

We plan to post more here about our travels—content that is more long-form and too long for our short Instagram posts and videos. We plan for this to be an extension to our existing Instagram, so we hope that you’ll keep following that and check in here as well.

We’re also planning to reboot our podcast after a long hiatus, so this site will also help to serve as an extension of that as well! As always, if there’s anything you want to hear about or know more of, let us know!